The Luminous Foundation - Haig Fras

Haig Fras

The Luminous Foundation

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12" Vinyl Album 8 tracks £17.50


The Luminous Foundation - Haig Fras

Luminous Foundation’s Haig Fras is a semi-melodic, shimmering drift inspired by the geology and biology of a sub aquatic mountain range of the same name off the Cornish coast. Luminous Foundation is a collaboration between Neil Mortimer of Urthona and Mark Pilkington of Teleplasmiste (and founder of Strange Attractor Press).

The LP comes on translucent green vinyl with free download code and is only available here in the Belbury Music shop.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a limited run from a very small press, a few LPs will be so-called transition copies where the dye is not fully mixed. So you may be lucky enough to receive a very rare pale green vinyl LP.

Reviews's a lavish bouillabaisse of: green sunlight shimmering in the gloom, lush pads swaying like seaweed, and as we leave the surface for the cavernous depths, the striating clicks of bubbles. The synthesizers even have a faintly naval, accordian-like quality! Irresistible.


12" Vinyl Album (BM005)
  1. Coarse Shoal
  2. Jewel Anemone
  3. Sea Lillies
  4. Feather Stas
  5. Limpet Dance
  6. Cup Coral
  7. Brittle Star
  8. Labadie Banks