Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth & Stasis CD Bundle

Hollow Earth & Stasis CD Bundle

Pye Corner Audio

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Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth & Stasis CD Bundle

Hollow Earth is the new album from Pye Corner Audio aka Martin Jenkins, his third for Ghost Box. It’s conceived as a sequel to 2016’s Stasis. Where Stasis played with notions of outward cosmic exploration and the idea of suspended animation and sleep, Hollow Earth takes subterranean exploration and submerged psychologies as its theme.

It draws on Berlin school synth improvisations, New Age reveries and the ghosts of 90s house euphoria to summon up images of vast, awe inspiring spaces and claustrophobic chambers. It sustains an atmosphere of wonder and adventure throughout, and like its companion piece, Stasis, it works equally as a soundtrack to physical as well as mental exploration.

The CD versions include bonus tracks, with lavish CD packaging designed by Julian House.


"Rather than make up his own movies, Jenkins is happy to play the movies that are already running in our heads - and we are happy to let him do it. Every track shows the confidence of someone who knows exactly which buttons to push and when."
The Wire

Reviews of Martin Jenkins’ previous work as Pye Corner Audio have noted the "submerged’ "feel of his soundworld, and on Hollow Earth The Head Technician has evidently really run with the idea – indeed, some of the synthesiser sounds do appear to be emanating from underwater. It’s a familiar palette for long-time fans; Vangelis-y synths and fizzy drum machines, and an obvious love for an arpeggiator or two. But Jenkins’ arrangements are noteworthy for their sophistication, somehow avoiding the repetitive grid-like effect of much sequenced electronic music. This LP, which could easily be the soundtrack of any number of imaginary European science fiction shows, is possibly PCA’s most accessible work yet, while still retaining atmosphere in spades. If Hollow Earth is too mature a recording to be charmingly naïve, it nevertheless feels like the work of a man in love with the brilliantly murky depths of electronica and synthesis.

Electronica stalwart explores the space beneath our feet.
Ghost Box's stock in trade is a sort of pastoral English ambient music, shot through with the eerie disquiet of the '70s public information film. Hollow Earth, the latest from Martin Jenkins' long-running Pye Corner Audio project, takes a somewhat different approach. A sort of Jules Verne-style voyage into the imagined subterranea of our planet, "Prismatic Gateway" and "The Seventh Labyrinth" find Jenkins exploring a sort of shadowy cosmic music, characterised by bubbling synth arpeggios, gauzy textures and occasional pulsing drum machines that gesture towards some distant dancefloor. If not quite groundbreaking, it's at least beautifully done, and in lieu of a new Boards Of Canada album will do just fine.


CD Album (GBM034)
    1. Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth
    2. Pye Corner Audio - Descent
    3. Pye Corner Audio - Prismatic Gateway
    4. Pye Corner Audio - Claustrophobe
    5. Pye Corner Audio - Mindshaft
    6. Pye Corner Audio - Core Sample
    7. Pye Corner Audio - Imprisoned Splendour
    8. Pye Corner Audio - The Seventh Labyrinth
    9. Pye Corner Audio - Subterranean Lakes
    10. Pye Corner Audio - Dancing Shadows
    11. Pye Corner Audio - Quad Tape Substrate
    12. Pye Corner Audio - Buried Memories
    13. Pye Corner Audio - Deeper Dreaming
    14. Pye Corner Audio - The Hidden City
    15. Pye Corner Audio - Surfacing
    1. Pye Corner Audio - Approach
    2. Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways
    3. Pye Corner Audio - Autonomization
    4. Pye Corner Audio - Sleep Chamber
    5. Pye Corner Audio - Ganzfeld Effect
    6. Pye Corner Audio - A Chance ?
    7. Pye Corner Audio - Electric Eye
    8. Pye Corner Audio - At the Heart of Stasis
    9. Pye Corner Audio - Transformative State
    10. Pye Corner Audio - Vorsicht
    11. Pye Corner Audio - Ways Regained
    12. Pye Corner Audio - Pulse Threshold
    13. Pye Corner Audio - Verberation Lab
    14. Pye Corner Audio - Mountain View