Farmer’s Angle by Belbury Poly is out now on 7″ vinyl EP, CD, Downloads and Streams.

A complete series of Ghost Box re-issues starts today with the very first release on Ghost Box records from January 2005.  Originally on 3″ CD, it was also the debut for Belbury Poly, the alias of label co-founder Jim Jupp.  Joyfully naïve yet oddly sinister electronica that very much set out Ghost Box’s stall with its strong roots in library music, TV soundtracks, folk and psychedelia.

Packaged in the original sleeve art by Julian House that was to establish the label’s strong visual identity. Drawing influences from library music albums and Penguin books of the 60s and 70s with a classic British modernist aesthetic. House’s work for Ghost Box predated the eventually ubiquitous use of paperback book visuals in popular commercial graphic design.

Here's the original burn on demand 3inch CD-R that launched the label:

Thank You for Listening.

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