Pre-orders are open now for The Thorn, the second album by Large Plants. It’s released on 17th November on LP, CD & Digital. This time round there's a folkier, proggier more fantastical feel than the heavier biker-rock of the 2022 debut, The Carrier.

Some of the album was recorded at the same time as the The Carrier, with more songs added subsequently. However, all tracks for both albums were recorded and performed entirely by Jack Sharp in a barn, since demolished. “It was a dirty, rusty, metal shack with no insulation or sound treatment, and it was full of junk, but it sounded weirdly great, and I loved it.” said Sharp.

The Thorn will be available on CD, LP and digital. The heavyweight vinyl LP includes a free download code card.  Julian House's design work re-purposes Arthur Rackham illustrations to fantastic effect.

Sharp currently fronts the live incarnation of the band on lead vocals and guitar, with Paul Milne on bass and backing vocals, Joe Wooley on guitar and Itamar Rubinger on drums. They will be performing a launch gig at The Grace, London on 25th November.

Next we’re returning to our re-issue series with The Focus Group's second album from 2005, Hey Let Loose Your Love. It'll be out in late November on CD and 10"vinyl LP. More info and pre-order dates coming soon.

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