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Im Hag


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ToiToiToi - Im Hag

Im Hag is the debut Ghost Box album for Berlin based Sebastian Counts’ ToiToiToi, following on from his single for the label’s Other Voices series in 2015. It’s very detailed and lovingly produced music, crafted from electronic, synth, sampled and acoustic sources. Its a wunderkammer of an album crammed with original ideas. All at once managing to be witty, spooky, melodic and abstract.

The music and design explores the polarities of folklore vs modernity, and wilderness vs civilization. It’s an album about German culture but it pre-empts a nostalgia for the vanishing concept of internationalism, once exemplified by town twinning. It’s also a warm-hearted record, hopefully a tiny morale booster against Europe’s resurgent spectres. As always the beautiful CD and LP packaging is designed by Julian House. The 180gm LP includes a free download card.


The whole thing is compellingly strange as is the way with the excellent Ghost Box. Samples from long lost broadcasts, nosies off, the squelchy teleprinter funk of A Travel Agent’s Dream, the rumbling skew-wiff dub of Mond In Den Ästen, the whole thing is a treat from the sleeve onwards.
Electronic Sound

It’s both assured and absurd. The combinations of instruments are strange, the compositions odd, yet it’s also bold and his melodies just seep into your consciousness feeling like they have always been there. A truly strange and beautiful work.
Cyclic Defrost

Im Hag showcases a singular talent who is more than willing to push boundaries, and, more importantly, is fully prepared to have a little fun.
Kultur Magazin


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  1. ToiToiToi - Alte Weise
  2. ToiToiToi - A Travel Agent's Dream
  3. ToiToiToi - Outside In
  4. ToiToiToi - Der Duft der Wälder
  5. ToiToiToi - Mond in den Ästen
  6. ToiToiToi - Cumulus Culture Centre
  7. ToiToiToi - Gummi-Marsch
  8. ToiToiToi - Leaving Backwards
  9. ToiToiToi - Im Schatten großer Bäume
  10. ToiToiToi - Kilon
  11. ToiToiToi - Tanz um den Kopf
  12. ToiToiToi - Talkoller
  13. ToiToiToi - The So-So Kids
  14. ToiToiToi - Terminal to Nothingness
  15. ToiToiToi - Lichtfest
  16. ToiToiToi - Bei der Hagschen
  17. ToiToiToi - Perpetuum Mobile
  18. ToiToiToi - Another Kind of Reasoning
  19. ToiToiToi - Der gespiegelte Bruder